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Welcome to my page....

I'm a full-time, International published Freelance Model, I also do some of travel writing and Dj amongst a few other little ventures i have going on. Currently living in Bournemouth with a view to moving to London in May 2016.

Published - Professional - International - Creative - Reliable - Hard working - Flexible

 I'm a Freelance model and im not exclusive to any agency but im represented by many international agencies around the world. India, Holland, Germany, Singapore, u.k etc

Currently working in these styles:

Beauty, Boudoir, Dance, Lingerie, Fashion, Avante Guarde, Swimwear, lifestyle, Commercial, Stock, Portraiture, Underwater, Theatrical, Latex, Alternative, Fetish, Artistic, Body-scapes, Creative Art Nude.


I'm proficient with my own styling. I can do my own hair and make-up relatively quickly to a high standard. Happy to straighten, wave or curl my hair or do up do's! equally happy to shoot more natural or without makeup...

Love working with MUA's and stylists to create something different and learn a few things myself!..

I have a huge wardrobe, plenty of props etc too so always happy to help with styling and planning of the shoots.


Dress Size 6-8 - 5'5 - Shoe size 5 - Blonde Hair - Blue Eyes

i have soft facial features and a toned athletic body with small tattoos that can be covered upon request. most are actually in very hidden places anyway. I can show images of all my tattoos upon request...

I'm completely natural, NO Fake Boobs, NO Fake Nails, NO Fake Tan, NO Fake Hair extensions!...

i have my belly button pierced, and my ears i'm happy to remove any of these for shoots as required.

I am happy to grow out or shorten any hair that may add to the image for any reason.


Im happy to travel anywhere in the world providing travel is covered!!.. i'm always touring Spain at least 4 times a year. Usually Barcelona, Madrid, Alicante, Valencia, Svilla. so you can either wait until i'm in your area or i'm happy to come out of my area providing my diary is free and my travel is covered. I'm also regularly touring Holland, Germany and Belgium every two months and happy to fit in any surrounding European countries on my tour for anyone who wants to shoot with me. 



Im happy to change my appearance wether it be special effects, my hair colour (providing this doesn't affect any other jobs) wearing a wig etc..


My spanish isnt very good but im trying to learn :-)

ive still worked alot with photographers with a complete language barrier but of course its easier if you can speak a little english.


I'm a very understanding and empathetic individual and often have to be flexible and re-gig my work for all kinds of reasons such as flight changes etc. I appreciate things may crop up that are beyond our control, unforeseen circumstances etc. However, this is my full time job and my only income and if i get a cancellation this can make me unable to pay my bills and  to ensure some sort of stability i have a cancellation policy which is as follows:

if you cancel within 1 week. 25% off the fee required. Hopefully we can rearrange the shoot and if i fill the slot and we manage to rebook the shoot i will take this of the final fee for the next shoot so that no one will lose out financially. if i have paid my own travel up front and this was to be returned to me on the day of the shoot, then this will also be due to be returned to me.
if you cancel within 48 hours of the shoot - the day of the shoot i will require 100% off the fee, what we agreed in full plus any travel fees that were agreed if i've already paid out for this. it is highly unlikely that i will be able to fill this slot again in such short notice especially on a tour. i will again be happy to rebook this to a time and date that suits us both and come to a new arrangement for the new rates.


I do collaborate on limited occasions but I do prefer to contact the photographer directly for this. But of course there is no harm in asking. i have very limited time so try to keep collaborations to one every few months. Paid work will always take priority but if i feel that you can better my portfolio then i may consider collaborating with you on some ideas.

When contacting me to book a shoot, please include the following:

Date and Time of the shoot
how many hours you want to shoot for?
Location of the shoot and the nearest train station
is it a paid shoot or TF? if its paid what is the pay
is travel covered?
What levels and genres you want to shoot
anything that i may need to bring with me...

Please feel free to drop a message to me on here if you have any queries, ideas or want to organize a shoot. I am always travelling and shooting so sometimes I cannot reply for a few days but please don't be disheartened, I am not deliberately trying to be rude Im just really really busy! if you would like me to shoot in your area send me a message!... or you can come and join me on my travels if you fancy getting away or want a new location to shoot in.... my 2016 Travel plans are as follows:

March 2016:

30th - Feature ventura

April 2016:

-6th - Feature Ventura

7th - New Forest - Southampton

8th - 13th - Palma

13th - Holland

14th - Aachen, Germany

15th - Antwerp, Belgium

18-19th - Scotland

21st-30th - Algarve, Portugal


1st - London

2nd - Basingstoke / guilford

3rd - Weymouth

10th - Madrid

11th-15th - Ibiza

16th-18th - Barcelona

22nd-26th - Glastonbury

28-30 - Alicante

if you have any quesyions at all dont hesitate to ask me! :-)

i look forward to hearing from you and working with you in the near future

Thanks for taking the time to look at my portfolio


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